Professional Real Estate Services

Sales Policy


The zoning information contained herein including but not limited to square footage, zoning and lot size was obtained from sources believed reliable. However, Flans & Weiner, Inc. makes no representation as to the accuracy thereof and recommends buyer consult appropriate professionals to determine same.

The property will be sold in its present “as is” condition (the actual physical condition of the property existing on the date of the auction) with no warranties or contingencies whatsoever. All descriptions of size and location of the property stated in the auction catalog are approximations only. Seller / receiver have not and do not make any representations, warranties or covenants, either expressed of implied, regarding any matter whatsoever (except for seller’s title), including, but not limited to, geological condition, soil condition, asbestos, zoning, existing means or ingress and egress, the availability of utilities, water or the presence of toxic waste materials on, in or under the property.

A standard policy of title will be issued by the seller insuring marketable title. Balance of escrow expenses to be divided equally.

Broker participation invited with registration in writing 48 hours prior to sale. Only brokers with duly registered clients may be permitted at sale. Brokers must attend the auction with client in order to receive a commission. A real estate broker who registers a client with the auctioneer 48 hours prior to auction and attends the auction with his client will receive 50% of the commission less advertising & auction expense deduction.

Seller and auctioneer reserve the right to refuse admittance to or expel anyone from the auction premises for interference with auction activities, nuisance, canvassing or other reasons.

Offers can be submitted and possibly accepted prior to auction for non court supervised sales.