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Sell My Property

Here are some good reasons to consider an Auction to sell your property:

  • Every property is protected by a pre-set minimum price. Its in our contract!
  • It takes approximately four-to-five weeks to conduct an auction sale.
  • Flans & Weiner, Inc. prepares a multi-pronged advertising program using all major and local media.
  • Flans & Weiner, Inc. also mails an informative brochure to all brokers, owner-users, and other interested parties.
  • We increase your visibility by working in conjunction with all real estate brokers.
  • We don’t do mass auctions. Your property will be the only property that we are auctioning in your area. No other properties in your area will take precedence!

If you would like our firm to sell your property, please request a complete auction package.
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